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Simplify your life! eBill Pay eliminates the hassle of paying bills and gives you more time for better things. eBill Pay has many benefits:

Saves Time and Money - Once you have set up your payees, you can cut your monthly bill-paying time in half or more. Plus, there are no more checks to write, stamps to buy or envelopes to stuff.

Flexible - With eBill Pay you can pay anyone from the baby-sitter to the utility company. You can make individual, one-time payments, establish Repeating Payments to be paid automatically at repeating intervals, or use the Multiple Payments feature which allows you to simultaneously schedule payments to your credit cards, loans, utility companies, and service providers each month from one screen.

Secure - Your payee information and payment history are accessed through your secure eNet Access login that is protected by the latest secure encryption technologies. Also, you can opt to receive electronic bills and statements from many providers, reducing the risk of fraud and mail theft.

Convenient - Pay anyone, anytime, from anywhere! No matter how large or small, anyone you choose to establish as a payee can be paid at your discretion. You have complete 24/7 access to review your recent payment history; add, remove, or edit your payees; or execute your payments from anywhere you have Internet access.

It's easy to set up and use, and it's even FREE with all of our checking accounts!

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