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Protecting Your Personal Information

After educating yourself about identity theft and various other types of fraud, the next step it to develop and practice some simple security measures. The following tips will help you develop your own protective habits.

  • Never give out your Social Security number or personal credit information over the phone or Internet unless you initiate the contact.

  • Shred or tear up unneeded receipts, statements and all unused credit card offers.

  • Keep track of your mail. If a statement, check or bill is missing, someone may have changed your billing address. Don't mail bills from your own mailbox. Drop them in a post box or at the post office.

  • Consistently monitor your bank accounts and review statements promptly.

  • Review your credit reports annually, and report and correct mistakes.

  • Make sure you do business with reputable companies, especially on the Internet.

  • Online, keep your browser's padlock or key icon active when doing business online.

  • Don't open e-mail from unknown sources and use virus detection software. (For more information, see Online Safety.)

  • Protect your PINs and passwords, even from friends and family. Change them often. Use a combination of letters and numbers.

  • Report any suspected fraud immediately. Notify the fraud divisions of the three major credit bureaus, you bank and your local police department.

NOTE: HNB Bank (HNB) is providing the above information as a customer service for educational purposes only. HNB assumes no liability for the use of this information and does not guarantee that the following recommendations will provide appropriate security.

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