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What Is A Trustee?

One who takes initial control of the Trust Assets, is experienced in how a trust works, is knowledgeable in investments, and familiar with taxes and accounting.

Assumes the administrative duties, inventories assets, transfers assets to the trust and keeps records.

Supervises investments scrupulously and continuously develops investment strategy for current and future beneficiaries.

Makes payments to the trust Beneficiaries; makes distributions as directed by trust document.

Files all the necessary tax returns; keeps records of taxable income and cost basis of all assets.

Distributes the Trust Assets, calculating the proper share for each of the beneficiaries and arranging for the transfer of the trust assets to them.

How Do I Select a Trustee?

Why Name A Corporate Trustee?

· Experience
· Professional Investment Management
· Impartiality
· Availability
· Accountability


Executor: carries out provisions of your investment adviser; monitors and oversees estate.

Testamentary & Grantor trustee: offer long term management of funds such as investment supervision of all assets and perfomrs all fiduciary duties of trust document.

Agent for Investors: provides full personalized portfolio supervision.

What Is A Trust?

A trust is a private document that you create with your attorney to allow the trustee to hold and manage the assets you place in the trust during your lifetime. Offering privacy both during and after your lifetime, a trust can be amended while you are alive. It becomes irrevocable at your death, but it can continue on according to your instructions in the document.

What Is A Will?

A Will is an executed document that disposes of an individual’s property at the time of his/her death. Effective only at death, wills dispose of property in the decedent’s name alone. They do not address disability or competency. Wills are public record for all to view.

Why Create an Estate Plan?

A properly drafted estate plan may help avoid probate, provide estate tax savings and alleviate concerns over potential incapacity or court guardianship. It can provide direction toward minor children, a disabled child or an adult. An estate plan works during your lifetime and can continue after your lifetime as well.


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Vice-President Trust Services
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