• There are 3 image size choices.  1”x1”, 2”x2” and edge to edge. The 1×1 card places the image in the upper left corner of the card.  It is used primarily for id purposes but any approved image can be used.  The 2×2 card places the image on the left half of the card.  The edge to edge card prints the image across the entire surface of the card.
  • The HNB logo and the MasterCard logo on the right side of the card cannot be moved.
  • Images can be chosen from our gallery images or personal images can be uploaded.
  • Personal images must comply with image requirements before a card is approved.  Photos of copyrighted items, corporate logos, celebrity photos, brand names are all examples of unacceptable images. An example of what might be rejected would be a picture of a child that is wearing  a Nike shirt with the swoosh on the front.  That photo could be rejected for trademark issues. We have also noticed that the printing of the card turns out darker than the photo actually looks, so lighter photos will print better.
  • Personalized cards will advance the expiration date.  
  • Cost per card is $15. First time orders will be $15/card.  If that card expires, a new card with the same image will be issued without charging another $15.  If you want to design a new card, it will cost $15.
  • HNB has requested permission from several area schools to use their logo.  We’ve had some schools give us permission and have placed those logos on the site.  If you don’t see your school’s logo, they didn’t give us permission or they didn’t respond to our request at all.
  • The new image cards will need to be activated just like your current debit cards.