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Safeguarding your MasterMoney Card

  • Sign your MasterMoney Card on the signature panel as soon as you receive it.
  • Try to keep it in the same place in your wallet, billfold or purse. This will help you realize if it has been lost or stolen more quickly.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Never write down your personal identification number (PIN). Memorize it!
  • Do not store your PIN number with your card(s).
  • When selecting a PIN, avoid numbers that relate to your personal information (phone numbers, address, birthdates, etc.)
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone. No one should ever ask for your PIN
  • If you feel your PIN and/or card number has been compromised, report it immediately.
  • Use your hand or body to shield your PIN when you are conducting transactions.
  • Ensure that your card is promptly returned to you after each transaction.
  • Always check sales receipts for the correct purchase amount before you sign them, and keep copies of your sales and ATM receipts until you receive and compare with your monthly bank statements for accuracy.
  • Do not volunteer any personal information when you use your card, other than by displaying a personal ID as requested by the merchant for identity verification.
  • Never give your card number and/or PIN over the phone unless you are dealing with a reputable company on a call you initiated.
  • When using your card to make online purchases, make sure your browser is in a secure mode and you are dealing with a trusted source.
  • Never input your card number into a webpage or form link received in an email. This could be a phishing attempt.
  • Look for merchants who use MasterCard SecureCode. (link to info below)

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