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ATM & Debit Card Safety

Using your MasterMoney Card, ShazamChek Card, or ATM Card is one of the safest ways to get cash or make purchases. Just follow these simple safety rules. Make them a habit and teach new cardholders in your family the same procedures.

Approach With Caution
Never insert your card or enter your personal identification number (PIN) in any terminal that does not look genuine, has been modified, has a suspicious device attached, or is operating in a suspicious manner.

At a drive-up facility, keep your doors locked and all passenger windows closed. Remove your cash, receipt and card after every transaction. If you make a withdrawal, pocket cash immediately.

Be Efficient
Have your card ready when you approach an ATM. Seal checks or cash in an envelope. It is also a good idea to endorse checks with the restriction “For Deposit Only.”

Block others’ view. Always stand between the terminal and any person who is waiting, or cup your hand over the keypad as you enter your PIN.

Take Care Of Your Card
Treat your card as if it were cash or a credit card. Protect it by not exposing the magnetic stripe to other magnetic objects, which can deactivate your card.

Record and file the name of your card’s issuer and the necessary phone numbers for reporting its loss or theft. File the information safely.

Prevent Fraud
You can help prevent fraudulent activity on your account by remembering these guidelines:

  • Memorize your PIN. Don’t tell anyone your PIN or account number and never loan anyone your card. Never write your PIN on your card or anything you carry with or near your card.

  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately. You can greatly reduce fraudulent transactions by reporting it quickly.

  • Never give your PIN over the phone. Be especially cautious about information you discuss when using cellular phones.

  • Know who you are talking to. Never give unsolicited callers personal information or account numbers over the phone.

  • Don’t fall prey to “Phishing.” Never respond to an email requesting you to provide your card, PIN, account number, or any other sensitive personal information via the Internet.

NOTE: HNB Bank (HNB) is providing the above information as a customer service for educational purposes only. HNB assumes no liability for the use of this information and does not guarantee that the following recommendations will provide appropriate security.

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