Building an emergency fund or saving for a larger purchase doesn’t have to mean big changes to your budget. There are several small changes you can make that add up to some big savings. Here are 5 small changes that will allow you to save over $1500 per year, without sacrifice. 

Pack Your Lunch

According to The Simple Dollar, the average meal outside the home costs $12.75. Packing lunch one extra day a week will put an extra $663 in your account per year.

Make Your Morning Coffee

An average trip for your morning cup of joe will put you back $5. But taking one morning off a week and making your coffee at home will save you $260 per year!

Stay home one extra night a month

An average night out can cost upwards of $40. By staying home just that one extra night a month, you can save $480 per year. You can also save money by looking for free activities going on in your community.

Cut Cable

There are so many less expensive alternatives to cable out there. Several allow you to still watch your favorite shows for a fraction of the cost. However, if you can’t live without your cable, call your cable company to see if they can lower your bill. Many will negotiate your price, especially if they think you may leave. Even just a $10 discount per month will earn you $120 over the year

Save on Your Interest

Look into doing a balance transfer on your credit cards to one offering a lower interest rate. Transfer your balance to Sandia Area and take advantage of our 2.49% APR for 12 billing cycles Paying off $2500 with this promotion can save you $200 for the year.*

Total Savings: $1723


*Total savings based on the national average credit card interest rate provided by of 17.55% APR. Savings calculation based on paying a $2500 balance in full within 12 billing cycles at 2.49% APR compared to 17.55% APR.